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Aug 31, 2018


You’ve gotta press that button! Employ Goblins, Wizards, Upgrades, and more to get that dang button!

As you continue to click away at the red button in the middle of the screen, you start to earn points that can be used to change not only the currently plain screen you are looking at, but also the amount of clicks that are happening to the daunting red button.


Use the mouse for pretty much everything.
Hold Z to buy 10 skill levels at once

Recent Edits

  • Upgrades
    Upgrades are available from the start of the game. They can be purchased and upgraded with...
  • Goblins
    Goblins run across the screen and stomp on the button for you. Stomps earn more clicks than...
  • Mystery Boxes
    Cooldown Period: Bronze 5 mins, Silver 20 mins, Gold 2 hours, Diamond 8 hours. Mystery Boxes can...
  • Guide
    By SilentSputnik on Kongregate. When you mouseover the spell that you're currently casting, you...

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  • Discord
    Just in case some of you want to join and have a good place to chat. Here is a discord...
  • Potions
    Potions unlock after getting the Skill "Potion Master" (unlocks after getting to level 50 with...
  • Hermit
    REDIRECT Gaflando
  • Skills
    Goblin Skills, Gaflando's Skills
  • Time Warp
    Time Warp speeds up the game until 60 times faster than normal speed (it can be slower on slow...
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